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FEET - Walking Machine

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  • Image of FEET - Walking Machine

FEET return with a brand-new EP ‘Walking Machine’, due for release on August 6 via their new label home Nice Swan Records. It’s the first, eagerly anticipated new music from the indie quartet, since the independent release of their debut album back in 2019.

Side A:
Peace & Quiet
Side B:
Busy Waiting

Having moved into their North London flat together back in September 2019, FEET are now living “like a hive mind” and have level-upped their kinship - both as people and artists - several times over. Spending endless days making music, the band’s journey since their debut has been a rollercoaster - one with a definite U-turn. An initial batch of songs ended up being entirely scrapped after a sobering practice room realisation that, far from sounding like a cohesive second record, “one song sounded like a covers pub band, and another sounded like Eminem could throw some bars over it,” notes Callum.

Comeback single ‘Peace & Quiet’ - a boisterous barrage of ramshackle guitars and sly lyrical digs that maintains the playfulness but streamlines it into something more direct, targeted - plants a flag in the ground for FEET mk. II.

“We’re not a post punk band, we don’t sound like a ‘London band’ whatever that is, but the indie reference in our shared hive mind is related to a major label, squeaky clean sound which isn’t what we want from our band,” explains George. “You either go the mainstream route or the sleazy South London route and we’re slap bang in the middle, so we’re trying to state our spot. We’re pretty comfortable where we are and this is the direction we wanna take it in”.

The forthcoming ‘Peace & Quiet EP’ takes these ideas and moulds them into four tracks that show a band still more than willing to throw in a liberal smattering of humour at the right moment, but who aren’t relying just on japes to get them through. They’ve still got a classically FEET name for their new direction, Crease Pop, but even that’s got some logic to it. “It’s taking the pop music formula - hooky choruses, nothing too self-indulgent - but it’s still got a bit of edge,” says George. “With Indie music, there’s an element where it can get quite soft and it’s quite easy to go through that phase where you think you sound like The Beach Boys, but we’ve come off the end of that where we want to be a bit grittier.”

Alongside the new EP news, FEET will continue their new chapter on the road this August. The seven UK dates will see them perform the brand new material for the first time, alongside a host of fan favourites from their debut album. Tickets are on sale now and full details are below

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