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FUR - FUR 'EP' - 12"

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Image of FUR - FUR 'EP' - 12"

FUR - FUR 'EP' - 12"

Nice Swan Records, one of the country’s most exciting new labels and landing pad for early releases for the likes of Sports Team, Pip Blom and Sweaty Palms, today announce their latest offering – ‘FUR’, the debut self titled EP from Brighton-based quartet FUR.
The EP, lead by the hook-laden ‘Angel Eyes’, is a collection of warm, nostalgia-inducing yet fresh sounding songs from a band truly coming into their own.

-Out on 14th February 2019.
-Order your copy of the 12" now whilst stocks last.
-Also Available in limited edition transparent red. Only 100 will be pressed in this colour. * Sold Out *

The full tracklisting to the EP is as follows:
1. All My Dreams
2. Angel Eyes
3. Where Did All The People Go?
4. Him & Her
5. Love Song For No One